OKR template to establish comprehensive voice of customer reports

public-lib · Published 5 months ago

This OKR emphasizes on establishing thorough voice of customer reports. It consists of several objectives, with the overarching one being a surge in customer approval rate by 20%. This is expected to be achieved through the identification of problem areas, followed by implementing changes in these sectors.

Another objective involves the systematic analysis of survey responses to identify three primary areas that require enhancement. This includes organizing all survey responses, evaluating each one of them to find common issues and recognizing the key areas that mandate improvement.

Furthermore, the objective states that surveys should be conducted reaching out to 75% of the customer base in order to obtain feedback. This involves efficient distribution of surveys, segmentation of 75% of the customer base for outreach, and the creation of a well-rounded survey based on relevant topics.

Accomplishing the set OKR requires careful planning and implementation of strategies. It necessitates the usage of efficient communication channels, a methodology to organize feedback, and a system to monitor and measure customer approval rate after the changes are implemented.
  • ObjectiveEstablish comprehensive voice of customer reports
  • Key ResultImplement changes on identified areas and achieve 20% customer approval rate increase
  • TaskDevelop and implement changes based on identified areas
  • TaskIdentify specific areas needing improvement through customer feedback
  • TaskMonitor and measure customer approval rate after changes
  • Key ResultAnalyze survey responses and identify three main areas of improvement
  • TaskCompile and organize all survey responses
  • TaskThoroughly assess each response to identify common issues
  • TaskDetermine three main areas that require improvement
  • Key ResultConduct surveys reaching out to 75% of our customer base for feedback
  • TaskDistribute surveys using efficient communication channels
  • TaskIdentify and segment 75% of the customer base for outreach
  • TaskDetermine relevant survey topics and create a comprehensive questionnaire
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