OKR template to successfully develop a functional Figma prototype

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR aims to fully develop a working prototype using the design tool, Figma. The objective encompasses detailing and finalizing the prototype within the time frame of 12 weeks. This also includes the incorporation of feedback gathered during the development phase to improve and refine the prototype.

The second part of the OKR involves designing a full user-interface mockup using Figma by the end of week 4. This process involves the creation of a preliminary design layout, outlining specific interface components required, and finalizing the mockup with interactive features.

A crucial part of this OKR is the validation of the prototype through user testing. The goal is to perform ten user tests by the eighth week. This process involves identifying and recruiting test users, coordinating testing sessions, and documenting user feedback for further evaluation and adjustments.

Lastly, this OKR takes a strategic approach to developing a robust, user-friendly, and functional Figma prototype. By setting deadlines for each step, including interface design, user testing, and final development, it ensures that the teams remain focused and driven.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully develop a functional Figma prototype
  • Key ResultImplement feedback and finalize the prototype by week 12
  • TaskFinalize prototype by week 12
  • TaskIncorporate received feedback into the prototype
  • TaskConduct final tests on the adjusted prototype
  • Key ResultDesign a full user-interface mockup in Figma by week 4
  • TaskFinalize mockup with interactive features
  • TaskDevelop the initial design layout in Figma
  • TaskOutline the specific interface components needed
  • Key ResultValidate the prototype with 10 user tests by week 8
  • TaskDocument and analyze user feedback for validation
  • TaskIdentify and recruit 10 users for prototype testing
  • TaskCoordinate and conduct user testing sessions
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