OKR template to enhance performance and efficiency of SharePoint Online Storage service

public-lib · Published 24 days ago

The OKR revolves around improving the SharePoint Online Storage service. Primarily, the goal is to guarantee 99% uptime and decrease data retrieval time by 15%, thereby enhancing service performance and efficiency.

Implementing a backup and recovery plan along with regular server health monitoring will ensure desired uptime. This should also involve promptly periodically applying patches and updates when needed.

Performance enhancement in terms of data retrieval promptness is envisaged through optimization of database queries and improvement of indexing system, complemented by hardware upgrades to bolster data processing speed.

Efforts to augment data upload speed by 20% involve adopting data compression techniques, optimizing server upload bandwidth, and upgrading to a high-speed internet service.
  • ObjectiveEnhance performance and efficiency of SharePoint Online Storage service
  • Key ResultEnsure 99% uptime for the SharePoint Online Storage service
  • TaskImplement a backup and recovery plan
  • TaskRegularly monitor SharePoint server health for potential issues
  • TaskApply necessary patches and updates without delay
  • Key ResultDecrease data retrieval time by 15%
  • TaskImplement a better indexing system for quicker data search
  • TaskOptimize database queries to reduce redundancy
  • TaskUpgrade hardware to improve data processing speed
  • Key ResultIncrease data upload speed by 20%
  • TaskImplement data compression techniques
  • TaskOptimize server's upload bandwidth setting
  • TaskUpgrade to a high-speed internet service
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