OKR template to ensure successful integration and deployment of Productiv SaaS application

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The goal, titled ‘Ensure successful integration and deployment of Productiv SaaS application’ primarily aims at integrating the Productiv SaaS with existing IT infrastructure completely within a defined timeline. Sub-objectives involve identifying necessary APIs for the connection and executing integration process as per APIs guidelines, accompanied by monitoring for performance post-integration.

The second step entails training 90% of appropriate staff to maintain and operate Productiv SaaS effectively. Undertakings related to this entail identifying the staff needing Productiv SaaS usage training and arranging necessary training sessions. Ensuring effectiveness of such maintenance training through follow-up activities supervision is also key.

An important component of the objectives is to identify and counteract each instance of shadow IT discovered via the utilization of Productiv SaaS. Steps toward this purpose include recognizing all shadow IT instances using Productiv SaaS, followed by a thorough analysis of associated security risks. Lastly, developing plans to mitigate all discovered risks to avoid any potential future damage.

Overall, the key activities throughout this objective include identifying APIs for integration of IT infrastructure and Productiv SaaS, staff training for effective operation of the SaaS, and identifying and mitigating any instances of shadow IT detected via the Productiv SaaS application.
  • ObjectiveEnsure successful integration and deployment of Productiv SaaS application
  • Key ResultFully integrate Productiv SaaS with existing IT infrastructure by 100% within the defined timeline
  • TaskIdentify necessary APIs to connect Productiv SaaS to IT infrastructure
  • TaskExecute integration process following API guidelines
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate system performance post-integration
  • Key ResultTrain 90% of relevant staff in operating and maintaining Productiv SaaS effectively
  • TaskIdentify the staff who need to use Productiv SaaS
  • TaskArrange training sessions on Productiv SaaS operation
  • TaskSupervise follow-up activities for effective maintenance training
  • Key ResultIdentify and mitigate 100% of discovered shadow IT instances leveraging Productiv SaaS
  • TaskIdentify all instances of shadow IT using Productiv SaaS
  • TaskAnalyze potential security risks and impact
  • TaskImplement mitigation strategies for flagged risks
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