OKR template to streamline IT Service Desk for swifter resolution time

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR aims to streamline IT Service Desk operations to expedite problem resolution. The first objective is to increase use of the self-service portal by 50% for faster issue resolution. The plan involves enhancing portal usability, launching awareness campaigns, and improving navigation for self-service.

The second objective is to implement a new training program to enhance technical troubleshooting skills by 30%. Initiatives include creating a comprehensive, skill-focused training program and targeting certain areas of technical troubleshooting that need improvement. The program would then be implemented and the progress tracked.

The final objective under this OKR is to reduce ticket response time by 20%. This aims to cut down on the amount of time spent on a single ticket, therefore increasing the number of tickets resolved within a given period. Strategies to accomplish this include setting up a ticket prioritization system, increasing team members during peak hours, and training the team to manage their time more efficiently.

Overall, the initiatives under this OKR focus on efficient use of resources and improving the skill set of the IT support team. The expected outcome is an improved IT Service Desk that resolves issues faster, thus increasing overall productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • ObjectiveStreamline IT Service Desk for swifter resolution time
  • Key ResultEnhance self-service portal use by 50% to promote faster issue resolution
  • TaskImplement a feedback mechanism on portal usability
  • TaskLaunch a portal awareness campaign to increase visibility
  • TaskDevelop user-friendly navigation for efficient self-service usage
  • Key ResultImplement a new training program to improve technical troubleshooting skills by 30%
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive, skills-focused training program
  • TaskIdentify key areas of technical troubleshooting needing improvement
  • TaskImplement training program and monitor progress
  • Key ResultDecrease average ticket response time by 20%
  • TaskImplement a ticket prioritization system
  • TaskBoost staff levels during peak times
  • TaskTrain support team in effective time management
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