OKR template to improve communication by ensuring quarterly check-in with performance manager

public-lib · Published 4 months ago

This OKR aims to improve communication through fostering regular check-ins between the employee and their performance manager. The primary objective revolves around these quarterly check-in meetings and leveraging them to get valuable feedback from the manager.

The first key outcome expects the employee to implement an action plan based on the feedback obtained during these check-ins. The employee will review the manager's feedback thoroughly, devise a comprehensive action plan to address the issues highlighted, and begin its immediate implementation.

Another important outcome revolves around discussing performance goals and feedback during the check-in meeting. Here, the onus lies on the employee to review their performance goals before the meeting, prepare constructive feedback points, and schedule the meeting to discuss these aspects.

The last outcome involves actually scheduling and attending the check-in meeting with the performance manager. The employee's responsibilities include setting an appropriate date and time for the meeting, inviting the performance manager, and ensuring they attend the meeting as per the agreed plan.
  • ObjectiveImprove communication by ensuring quarterly check-in with performance manager
  • Key ResultImplement action plan based on feedback received from performance manager
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive action plan addressing the concerns highlighted
  • TaskReview feedback received from performance manager thoroughly
  • TaskBegin implementation of formulated action plan immediately
  • Key ResultDiscuss performance goals and feedback during check-in meeting
  • TaskReview previous performance goals before the check-in meeting
  • TaskPrepare constructive and specific feedback points
  • TaskSchedule a check-in meeting to discuss performance goals
  • Key ResultSchedule and attend quarterly check-in meeting with performance manager
  • TaskDetermine a suitable date and time for the check-in meeting
  • TaskSend meeting invite to performance manager
  • TaskAttend the scheduled check-in meeting
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