OKR template to successfully migrate personal finance API to a standalone microservices module

public-lib · Published 20 days ago

The OKR titled "Successfully migrate personal finance API to a standalone microservices module" aims to fully separate the finance module from the existing monolithic structure and launch it as an independent service in a pre-production environment. This involves thorough initiatives like deploying the service in a pre-production setting and extracting the finance module from the monolithic architecture.

Another key objective is to ensure the stability and accuracy of the newly-separated module. This is done by achieving a 100% pass rate on all tests carried out after the migration. Developing a detailed post-migration test plan, executing it to identify any defects, and rectifying those defects to achieve the set pass rate are the initiatives in place to fulfill this objective.

The third objective aims at designing and documenting the new microservices architecture by the end of the first month. This involves creating detailed documentation about the new design and its implementation, identifying key components needed for the new microservice architecture, and developing design blueprints for the structure.

In conclusion, this OKR focuses on successfully migrating the personal finance API to a new microservice module, ensuring its stability and correctness, and fully documenting and designing the new microservice architecture.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully migrate personal finance API to a standalone microservices module
  • Key ResultSuccessfully separate finance module from monolith and launch standalone service in pre-production environment
  • TaskDeploy service in pre-production environment
  • TaskDevelop finance module as a standalone service
  • TaskExtract finance module from existing monolith architecture
  • Key ResultEnsure stability and correctness by achieving 100% pass rate on all post-migration tests
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive post-migration test plan
  • TaskExecute test plan and identify any defects
  • TaskResolve defects to achieve 100% pass rate
  • Key ResultDesign and document new microservice architecture by end of month one
  • TaskWrite comprehensive documentation on design and implementation
  • TaskDevelop design blueprints for the microservice architecture
  • TaskIdentify key components needed for new microservice architecture
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