OKRs to enhance creative innovation prowess in apparel design

public-lib · Published 22 days ago

In a fashion industry characterized by conformity and replication, we envision our company to be a beacon of originality and innovation. Our goal is not just to produce clothing that covers the body, but delivers a unique expression of personality, lifestyle and attitude. We aim to emerge as the most innovative apparel company by delivering high-fashion clothes that stand out, invoking inspiration and awe amongst fashion connoisseurs.
  • ObjectiveEnhance creative innovation prowess in apparel design
  • Key ResultSecure 3 partnerships with fashion-forward influencers for collaboration and promotion
  • TaskDraft personalized collaboration proposals for influencers
  • TaskIdentify potential influencers who align with brand aesthetic
  • TaskInitiate outreach and negotiation with selected influencers
  • Key ResultFacilitate 5 design thinking and creative workshops for the design team
  • TaskSchedule dates for all five workshops
  • TaskIdentify expert professionals to run the workshops
  • TaskPrepare content and materials needed for workshops
  • Key ResultDevelop and launch 10 unique and trendsetting clothing line collections
  • TaskConduct thorough research on current fashion trends and demands
  • TaskDesign and produce sample pieces for each collection
  • TaskPlan and execute an engaging marketing and launch event

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