OKR template to enhance creative innovation prowess in apparel design

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This OKR is centered on augmenting the creative innovation in apparel designing. It aims at enhancing the overall fashion value by introducing a fresher perspective to the current design outlook. To achieve this, the objectives in focus include sourcing partnerships with fashion influencers, creating design-centric workshops, and launching unique clothing collections.

To progress, there's the need to secure partnerships with at least three influencers. The influencers will be selected based on their alignment with the brand. Therefore, there is an initiative to develop personalized collaboration proposals, identify potential influencers and negotiate collaborations with these influencers.

The progress of this OKR also necessitates conducting workshops for the design team. Five workshops are planned, focusing on design thinking and creative inputs. The initiatives to achieve this goal involve scheduling the workshops, identifying experts to run these workshops, and preparing the necessary content and materials accordingly.

Furthermore, launching ten unique apparel collections forms a part of this OKR's agenda. Sample pieces will be created after researching current fashion trends and demands. This goal's initiatives entail designing these collections, creating sample pieces, and finally planning a marketing event to launch them.
  • ObjectiveEnhance creative innovation prowess in apparel design
  • Key ResultSecure 3 partnerships with fashion-forward influencers for collaboration and promotion
  • TaskDraft personalized collaboration proposals for influencers
  • TaskIdentify potential influencers who align with brand aesthetic
  • TaskInitiate outreach and negotiation with selected influencers
  • Key ResultFacilitate 5 design thinking and creative workshops for the design team
  • TaskSchedule dates for all five workshops
  • TaskIdentify expert professionals to run the workshops
  • TaskPrepare content and materials needed for workshops
  • Key ResultDevelop and launch 10 unique and trendsetting clothing line collections
  • TaskConduct thorough research on current fashion trends and demands
  • TaskDesign and produce sample pieces for each collection
  • TaskPlan and execute an engaging marketing and launch event
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