OKR template to enhance user experience for our new ERP system

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR overviews the enhancement of user experience for a new ERP system. It emphasizes improving staff training, user satisfaction, and system response time. One objective involves achieving an 85% completion rate for staff training on the ERP system. The initiatives to accomplish this involve tracking progress, providing support, and scheduling mandatory training.

Another objective focuses on elevating user satisfaction rates by 40% using user surveys. Regularly distributing user surveys, analysing results for possible improvements, and implementing changes based on user feedback are the proposed initiatives. This ensures users are engaged and their feedback is taken into account for software improvements.

The third objective is aimed at reducing system response time by 30%. This is achieved by optimizing system performance through code optimization, efficient caching strategies, and the upgrade of system hardware. These steps ensure the ERP system works efficiently, thereby improving user experience.

The key elements discussed in this OKR are the intention to enhance overall user experience by improving staff training, increasing user satisfaction through feedback, and reducing system response times by system optimization. The OKR ensures that software, hardware, and human elements all work together efficiently.
  • ObjectiveEnhance user experience for our new ERP system
  • Key ResultAchieve 85% completion rate for staff training on the new ERP system
  • TaskRegularly track and report staff training progress
  • TaskAddress training difficulties promptly with additional support
  • TaskSchedule mandatory ERP system training for all staff
  • Key ResultIncrease user satisfaction scores by 40% through user surveys
  • TaskDevelop and distribute user surveys regularly
  • TaskAnalyze survey results and identify areas for improvement
  • TaskImplement changes based on user feedback
  • Key ResultReduce system response time by 30%
  • TaskOptimize code for increased system performance
  • TaskImplement efficient caching strategies
  • TaskUpgrade system hardware to improve speed
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