OKR template to enhance the quality of client communication

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The OKR titled 'Enhance the quality of client communication' is aimed at improving responsiveness and satisfaction rates amongst clients. The first objective is to ensure all client queries are responded to within a 24-hour period. The team will stay attuned to client communications, set active reminders to answer queries, and give priority to client inquiries.

The second goal is to raise client satisfaction above 90%, using regular surveys as an indicator. The team will monitor survey results closely, devise regular satisfaction surveys and design a feedback implementation strategy. Regular surveys will ensure that the team is up-to-date with continuous feedback and can adjust their approach accordingly.

Another key part of improving communication rests on the resolution of client problems. With the objective to validate that 95% of client issues are resolved, a system to track the resolution success rate needs to be implemented. The team will also be required to gather post-resolution feedback from clients, bringing them into the problem-resolution process, and creating a follow-up procedure.

By focusing on these three core areas - responsiveness, satisfaction, and resolution, the quality of client communication will be significantly enhanced. The client becomes an integral part of every step and their inquiries, satisfaction and problem resolution become primary objectives for improving the quality of communication.
  • ObjectiveEnhance the quality of client communication
  • Key ResultRespond to all client queries within a 24-hour period
  • TaskCheck emails and voicemails frequently throughout the day
  • TaskSet reminders to respond to all unanswered queries
  • TaskPrioritize responding to client inquiries immediately
  • Key ResultIncrease client satisfaction rate to over 90% through regular surveys
  • TaskMonitor survey results and make necessary adjustments
  • TaskCreate and implement regular client satisfaction surveys
  • TaskDevelop a feedback implementation strategy
  • Key ResultValidate client problems are resolved 95% of the time by feedback after issue resolution
  • TaskImplement a system to track resolution success rate
  • TaskCreate a post-resolution follow-up procedure
  • TaskInstruct team to collect feedback from clients
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