OKR template to launch a successful employee advocacy program

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The OKR aims to successfully launch an employee advocacy program. The first objective is to improve brand impact by 15% through effective implementation of advocacy strategies, defining key metrics for evaluation and analyzing the increase in brand impact. Progress will be measured from 0 to 100%.

The second objective is training 75% of the employees on the advocacy program within a quarter. This will be achieved by identifying suitable instructors, scheduling training sessions and monitoring participation rates in these sessions. The progress will be measured numerically from 0 to 100%.

The third objective is to increase internal adoption of the program by 25% within the set timeframe. This involves implementing a reward system for adoption, developing engaging communication about the program's benefits and providing comprehensive training for effective usage. The adoption rate will also be numerically scored from 0 to 100%.

In summary, this OKR is focused on implementing a successful employee advocacy program that fosters brand impact improvement, widespread employee training, and internal adoption of the program.
  • ObjectiveLaunch a successful employee advocacy program
  • Key ResultMeasure and demonstrate a 15% improvement in brand impact due to advocacy
  • TaskImplement customer advocacy strategies effectively
  • TaskIdentify key metrics for evaluating brand impact
  • TaskAnalyze and report increased brand impact
  • Key ResultTrain 75% of employees on advocacy program within quarter
  • TaskIdentify suitable advocacy program instructors
  • TaskSchedule advocacy training sessions for employees
  • TaskMonitor and document participation rates
  • Key ResultIncrease internal program adoption by 25%
  • TaskImplement incentive schemes for program adoption
  • TaskDevelop engaging internal communication about program benefits
  • TaskProvide comprehensive training for effective program usage
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