OKR template to increase review volume on G2 and Capterra

public-lib · Published 19 days ago

This OKR aims to increase the volume of reviews on G2 and Capterra. Initiated with a reward program, the aim is to boost reviews on Capterra by at least 20%. This plan involves developing an appealing rewards scheme, promoting it via various marketing channels, and closely monitoring the increase in reviews.

The OKR also focuses on achieving a 15% rise in total reviews on G2 by utilizing customer testimonials. This includes the integration of testimonials into email marketing campaigns, encouraging customers to leave reviews post-purchase, and sharing these testimonials across all social media platforms.

Another key feature of this OKR is to collaborate with three influencers within the industry to enhance reviews on both platforms. This necessitates forming a review-boosting strategy with the influencers, reaching out for potential collaborations and identifying the top three influencers that are relevant to our industry.

The overall goal of these initiatives is to understand a wider array of customer perspectives, boost our online presence, and drive up user satisfaction levels. Achieving these targets will involve a mix of inventive marketing techniques, integrating customer feedback and establishing influential industry partnerships.
  • ObjectiveIncrease review volume on G2 and Capterra
  • Key ResultIntroduce a reward program leading to at least 20% more reviews on Capterra
  • TaskDevelop an attractive rewards program for submitting reviews
  • TaskPromote this rewards program through marketing channels
  • TaskMonitor and measure the increase in reviews
  • Key ResultAchieve a 15% rise in total reviews on G2 by promoting customer testimonials
  • TaskIncorporate testimonials into email marketing efforts
  • TaskEncourage customers to leave reviews after purchase
  • TaskShare customer testimonials on all social media platforms
  • Key ResultPartner with 3 influencers in our industry to boost reviews across both platforms
  • TaskDevelop a review boosting strategy with influencers
  • TaskReach out for potential collaboration or partnership
  • TaskIdentify top 3 influencers relevant to our industry
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