OKR template to align team's mission and vision with company's strategic goals

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

This OKR focuses on aligning the team's mission and vision with the company's strategic goals. The first objective is to update mission and vision statements by 80% to reflect the company strategy. An array of initiatives have been set, including revising and reviewing current statements and pinpointing overlap with the companies’ strategic goals.

The second objective seeks to obtain feedback from 90% of team members, affirming clearer strategic alignment within six weeks. This involves three steps: developing a straightforward survey, sending it to all team members, and subsequently analyzing and addressing the feedback received.

The third objective expounds the facilitating of three workshops with the intent of promoting an understanding of the company's strategic objectives. Preparation for these workshops involves defining topics and arranging materials for three different sessions, scheduling dates, and securing venues.

Correspondingly, inviting all company employees to participate in these workshops is also part of the initiative. The aim is to foster wide participation and promote inclusivity in understanding the company's strategic objectives.
  • ObjectiveAlign team's mission and vision with company's strategic goals
  • Key ResultUpdate mission and vision statements to reflect 80% overlap with company strategy
  • TaskRevise statements to reflect 80% overlap
  • TaskReview current mission and vision statements
  • TaskIdentify overlap with company strategy
  • Key ResultGet feedback from 90% of team members affirming clearer strategic alignment within 6 weeks
  • TaskAnalyze and address received feedback on strategy
  • TaskSend the survey to all team members
  • TaskDevelop a straightforward survey about strategic alignment
  • Key ResultFacilitate three workshops to promote understanding of company's strategic objectives by month's end
  • TaskSend invitations to all company employees
  • TaskDefine topics and prepare materials for three different workshops
  • TaskSchedule three workshop dates and secure venues
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