OKR template to secure the buy-in from the leadership of the 5 MAYD clusters on our strategy

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The primary goal of this OKR is to secure the buy-in from the leadership of the five MAYD clusters on a strategy. This is achieved by conducting five distinctive persuasive presentations tailored to the leadership of each MAYD cluster. For each cluster, the goal entails creating compelling graphics and content, identifying key points, and scheduling and conducting the presentations.

An additional aspect involves securing a formal written agreement from at least four of the five cluster heads on the strategy. Steps to achieve this include drafting a detailed strategy agreement, sending it to all the cluster heads, and pursuing signatures from at least four heads.

The third part of this OKR aims to outline the benefits and receive 75% positive initial feedback from the MAYD cluster heads. Initiatives for this include conducting a survey to gauge initial feedback, identifying and listing the benefits for the cluster heads, and preparing a comprehensive presentation highlighting these benefits.

Overall, this OKR is centered around communication and strategy alignment with the leadership of the MAYD clusters. It emphasizes the importance of working closely with the leadership, understanding their needs, and adjusting strategies accordingly to receive their full support.
  • ObjectiveSecure the buy-in from the leadership of the 5 MAYD clusters on our strategy
  • Key ResultConduct 5 customized persuasive presentations for each MAYD cluster's leadership
  • TaskCreate compelling graphics and content for five presentations
  • TaskIdentify key points for each MAYD cluster's personalized presentation
  • TaskSchedule and conduct the presentations for each cluster's leadership
  • Key ResultSecure formal written agreement from at least 4 of the 5 cluster heads on strategy
  • TaskSend drafted agreement to the 5 cluster heads
  • TaskDraft detailed strategy agreement for cluster head approval
  • TaskFollow up for signatures of at least 4 heads
  • Key ResultOutline benefits and get a 75% positive initial feedback from MAYD cluster heads
  • TaskConduct survey to gauge initial feedback
  • TaskIdentify and list benefits of MAYD cluster heads
  • TaskPrepare comprehensive presentation highlighting benefits
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