OKR template to complete holistic roadmap for human capital management 2024

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

This OKR is focused on the preparation and completion of a comprehensive plan for managing human resources in the upcoming years. The goal is mainly geared towards creating the humans' capital management (HCM) strategy that captures 75% of recruitment, skills development, and employees' retention.

Moreover, this roadmap won't be developed in isolation but will be validated by experts in human resources management to enhance its viability. The goal is to reach out to at least ten HR experts to review the strategy and to use their feedback to improve it.

Furthermore, identifying all the essential elements that affect the roadmap's execution is another crucial aspect of the objective. This activity includes listing all required elements of the roadmap, distinguishing their importance level, and identifying essential factors in the strategic planning process.

Lastly, for each goal, different initiatives have been structed. The initiatives include outlining tactics for retention, creating a comprehensive recruitment plan, designing a strategy for skills development, reaching out to HR experts, and revising the roadmap.
  • ObjectiveComplete holistic roadmap for human capital management 2024
  • Key ResultDesign 75% of HCM strategy encompassing recruitment, skills development, and retention
  • TaskOutline tactics for employee retention
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive recruitment plan
  • TaskDesign a strategy for skills development
  • Key ResultValidate roadmap with 10+ HR experts and incorporate feedback for improvement
  • TaskIdentify and reach out to 10 HR experts for roadmap review
  • TaskGather and analyze feedback for potential improvements
  • TaskImplement feedback into roadmap revisions
  • Key ResultIdentify all roadmap components and essential factors in the planning process
  • TaskList all components required for the roadmap
  • TaskPrioritize components based on their significance
  • TaskIdentify important elements for strategic planning
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