OKR template to determine leading causes for policy non-renewals

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The key focus of this OKR is identifying the primary reasons for policy non-renewals. It outlines three major objectives: to categorize and document common reasons for non-renewals, to compile a comprehensive report detailing the top three causes, and to conduct a survey targeting 100 non-renewing customers.

The first objective involves a thorough analysis of non-renewal data, followed by categorizing common reasons. All data related to non-renewals needs to be collected before week 6, and the team is tasked with documenting findings for each common reason weekly.

The second objective is geared towards determining the top three causes of non-renewals. This includes analyzing the gathered data, creating an outline of the findings, and submitting a detailed report by week 8.

The third objective is focused on attaining detailed feedback from customers. It involves identifying 100 non-renewing customers, creating and distributing a comprehensive feedback survey among these customers by week 4.
  • ObjectiveDetermine leading causes for policy non-renewals
  • Key ResultAnalyze data from non-renewals and categorize common reasons by week 6
  • TaskAnalyze the gathered data and categorize reasons
  • TaskCollect all data related to non-renewals before week 6
  • TaskDocument findings for each common reason weekly
  • Key ResultSubmit a detailed report outlining top 3 reasons by week 8
  • TaskAnalyze data to identify top 3 reasons
  • TaskCreate a detailed outline of findings
  • TaskSubmit the report by week 8
  • Key ResultConduct a survey from 100 non-renewing customers for detailed feedback by week 4
  • TaskDistribute survey amidst chosen customers by week 4
  • TaskCreate a detailed feedback survey
  • TaskIdentify 100 non-renewing customers for the survey
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