OKR template to improve Stability of E-commerce Platform

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The ultimate aim of the OKR is to elevate the stability of the E-commerce platform targeted. This includes enhancing the ability to maintain a consistent and robust service, reducing the likelihood of unanticipated interruptions. The radical measures detailed include reaching an uptime rate of 95% for payment services and decreasing platform downtime by 20%.

As part of the determined objectives, the platform also aims to quicken the average page loading speed by 15% through the launch of optimization techniques. These include measures such as image compression, cache setting activation, reducing server response time, and minimizing HTTP requests.

Moreover, initiatives are in place to reduce customer support tickets relating to technical issues by 25%, implying a reduction in user-experienced problems. Thorough analysis of customer inquiries, prioritizing, and addressing bugs, conducting regular updates and maintenance, and boosting the customer portal's user interface are the principal measures undertaken for this objective.

Each outcome includes measurable initiatives to ensure progress is trackable and accountable. They involve infrastructure upgrades, increased monitoring, initiative maintenance, and testing schedules for system stability. Additionally, the plan includes collaboration with various teams, indicating a united front in achieving these strategic goals.
  • ObjectiveImprove Stability of E-commerce Platform
  • Key ResultAchieve a 95% uptime rate for payment processing services by collaborating with reliable payment service providers
  • Key ResultDecrease platform downtime by 20% through infrastructure upgrades and proactive monitoring
  • TaskUpgrade critical infrastructure components to ensure better performance and increased reliability
  • TaskEstablish regular maintenance and testing schedules to minimize unexpected downtime occurrences
  • TaskImplement improved monitoring systems to detect potential issues and address them proactively
  • TaskConduct infrastructure analysis to identify areas requiring upgrades for minimizing downtime
  • Key ResultIncrease average page load speed by 15% through performance optimization techniques
  • TaskOptimize and compress images to reduce their file sizes
  • TaskEnable cache settings to store static content and speed up page loading
  • TaskReduce server response time by optimizing database queries and code efficiency
  • TaskMinimize the number of HTTP requests by combining CSS and JavaScript files
  • Key ResultReduce customer support tickets related to technical issues by 25% through bug fixes and system improvements
  • TaskConduct thorough analysis of customer support tickets to identify common technical issues
  • TaskCollaborate with development team to prioritize and address identified bugs for resolution
  • TaskImplement regular system maintenance and updates to prevent potential technical issues
  • TaskEnhance user interface and provide clear instructions for self-help troubleshooting on customer portal
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