OKR template to successfully transition all on-demand courses to the new LMS platform

public-lib · Published 12 months ago

This OKR focuses on transitioning on-demand courses to a new Learning Management System (LMS). The primary objective is ensuring that the courses are fully functional on the new platform, with initiatives including reviewing course functionality, conducting accessibility tests, and providing training to course instructors.

The second outcome centres on training and support for the instructors and course administrators. Initiatives include comprehensive training on the new LMS, ongoing technical support, facilitating feedback sessions, and creating user-friendly guides. This will empower instructors and administrators to better utilize and optimize the new LMS.

The third objective concerns user satisfaction, with a goal of achieving at least a 90% satisfaction rate. Strategies planned for this include conducting user feedback surveys, analyzing such feedback for key improvement areas, monitoring satisfaction rates, and implementing necessary updates and improvements.

Lastly, migrating and validating content from the existing courses onto the new LMS is identified as the final outcome. However, no specific initiatives are mentioned for this outcome.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully transition all on-demand courses to the new LMS platform
  • Key ResultEnsure that all on-demand courses are fully functional and accessible on the new LMS
  • TaskReview all on-demand courses and identify any functionality or accessibility issues on the new LMS
  • TaskConduct accessibility testing to ensure all on-demand courses are accessible to all users
  • TaskProvide necessary training and support to instructors to ensure smooth transition on the new LMS
  • TaskUpdate and fix any identified issues to ensure all on-demand courses are fully functional
  • Key ResultTrain and support instructors and course administrators to effectively use the new LMS
  • TaskProvide comprehensive training sessions on how to navigate and utilize the new LMS
  • TaskOffer ongoing technical support and troubleshooting assistance for instructors and course administrators
  • TaskFacilitate regular feedback sessions to gather insights and address any challenges faced by users
  • TaskDevelop user-friendly documentation and guides to help instructors and course administrators optimize the LMS
  • Key ResultAchieve a satisfaction rate of at least 90% from users with the new LMS experience
  • TaskConduct user feedback surveys to gather insights on satisfaction with the new LMS experience
  • TaskAnalyze user feedback and identify key pain points to address for improvement
  • TaskRegularly monitor and track satisfaction rates to ensure continuous improvement of the LMS experience
  • TaskImplement necessary updates and enhancements based on user feedback to enhance satisfaction
  • Key ResultMigrate and validate content from existing courses onto the new LMS
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