OKR template to enhance my soft skills competency

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The person seeks to enhance personal soft skills competency. This includes completion of an accredited course on soft skills with an 80% or above score. The person has plans to select and research a suitable course, study the material diligently, and score high in the exam.

The second objective is to obtain a 20% improvement in feedback scores on leadership and empathetic skills. The person plans to have regular mentoring sessions, set weekly discussions for obtaining feedback, and attend workshops focused on leadership and emotional intelligence to improve scores.

The final part of the plan involves leading a team project and displaying growth in their communication and collaboration abilities. To achieve this, the individual will adopt collaborative tools like Asana or Slack. The person will also ensure the roles of each team member are clearly assigned and carry out routine team meetings to foster openness in communication.

In general, this OKR is about personal improvement in soft skills, leadership, and collaboration abilities. The person seeks to learn, show empathy, lead a team project, and improve communication skills.
  • ObjectiveEnhance my soft skills competency
  • Key ResultComplete a recognized soft skills course with a score of 80% or higher
  • TaskResearch and select a recognized soft skills course
  • TaskTake the course exam aiming for 80% score
  • TaskRegularly study the course material
  • Key ResultReceive a 20% improvement in feedback scores on leadership and empathy
  • TaskSchedule one-on-one mentoring sessions regularly
  • TaskImplement weekly round-table discussions for feedback
  • TaskAttend leadership and emotional intelligence workshops
  • Key ResultSuccessfully lead one team project displaying improved collaboration and communication
  • TaskUtilize collaboration tools like Asana or Slack
  • TaskAssign clear roles to each team member
  • TaskImplement regular team meetings for open communication
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