OKR template to promote cultural humility for diverse, healthy team building

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This OKR aims to encourage cultural humility to foster an inclusive, dynamic team environment. The primary objective is to increase the diversity rate among new hires by 25% through various initiatives like partnering with diverse professional organizations, establishing diversity-focused recruitment strategies and providing unconscious bias training to hiring managers.

Positive feedback on diversity and inclusion efforts is a key success indicator. A 90% approval rate from employee surveys is a goal. By developing and promoting a workplace inclusion policy, implementing diversity training schemes for all employees, and constantly gathering employee feedback, this objective is sought to be realized.

A cultural humility workshop is set to be held for 80% of all team leaders—another key component of this OKR. Ensuring the workshop's success includes scheduling it for the target majority of leaders, establishing post-workshop follow-up activities, and identifying suitable providers for the cultural humility workshop.

In essence, this OKR will effectively encourage and promote cultural humility, diversity, inclusion, and a positive work culture. This is crucial for an inclusive, vibrant team that positively impacts both individual performance and overall company success.
  • ObjectivePromote cultural humility for diverse, healthy team building
  • Key ResultIncrease overall diversity rate in new hires by 25%
  • TaskCollaborate with diverse professional and student organizations
  • TaskImplement a diversity-focused recruitment strategy
  • TaskProvide unconscious bias training to hiring managers
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% positive feedback on diversity and inclusion efforts from employee surveys
  • TaskDevelop and promote a workplace inclusion policy
  • TaskImplement diversity and inclusion training for all staff members
  • TaskRegularly solicit employee feedback on inclusion efforts
  • Key ResultImplement a cultural humility workshop for 80% of team leaders
  • TaskSchedule workshop for 80% of team leaders
  • TaskEnsure effective post-workshop follow-up activities
  • TaskIdentify suitable cultural humility workshop providers
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