OKR template to enhance employee satisfaction with total remuneration

public-lib · Published 12 months ago

The purpose of this OKR is to increase employee satisfaction with the total remuneration provided by the company. This will be achieved through four main objectives. First, the plan aims to reduce the employee turnover rate by 5% by implementing competitive salary benchmarking and adjustments. Without initiatives for this specific goal, it can reflect the general guidelines applied by the HR team.

Secondly, a 10% rise in the employees' participation in the performance-based bonus program is expected. To reach this target, feedback mechanisms will be put in place to assist with the complaints and suggestions tied to the program. Excellent communication channels will be promoted, incentives provided for engaged employees, and regular performance metrics updates will be provided to maintain their interest.

Third, the plan anticipates for a 20% rise in the use of flexible benefits through targeting awareness campaigns. Helping employees realize the advantages, promotions through multiple channels, monitoring and adjustments, and a strategic campaign are initiatives set to support this goal.

Last, the scheme aims to enhance the average satisfaction survey rating concerning full compensation by 15%. Regular revisions of compensation policies plus adjustments according to industry standards will be implemented. Additional benefits or perks will be provided, and a comprehensive review of the current compensation package will be conducted.
  • ObjectiveEnhance employee satisfaction with total remuneration
  • Key ResultReduce employee turnover rate by 5% through competitive salary benchmarking and adjustments
  • Key ResultAchieve a 10% increase in employee participation in the performance-based bonus program
  • TaskImplement a feedback mechanism to address concerns and suggestions related to the bonus program
  • TaskEnhance communication channels to educate employees about the performance-based bonus program
  • TaskOffer incentives for employees who actively engage and participate in the bonus program
  • TaskProvide regular updates on performance metrics and achievements to increase employee interest
  • Key ResultIncrease usage of flexible benefits by 20% through targeted awareness campaigns
  • TaskDevelop engaging content and materials highlighting the advantages of flexible benefits
  • TaskUtilize multiple communication channels to promote the benefits and increase awareness
  • TaskRegularly monitor and analyze the campaign's impact and make necessary adjustments for improvement
  • TaskCreate a comprehensive targeted awareness campaign strategy for flexible benefits
  • Key ResultImprove the average rating of employee satisfaction surveys on total compensation by 15%
  • TaskRegularly evaluate and adjust compensation policies to align with industry standards and employee expectations
  • TaskImplement additional benefits or perks to enhance the overall compensation package
  • TaskConduct a comprehensive review of the current total compensation package for employees
  • TaskCommunicate and educate employees about the various components of their total compensation
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