OKR template to boost global visibility of our brand

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

This OKR sets out the ambition to increase the global visibility of the brand. The first outcome is to establish partnerships with five internationally recognized influencers, accomplished through the identification of suitable influencers, communication and negotiation of partnership terms, and creation of personalized partnership proposals.

The second outcome revolves around increasing the brand's presence in three untapped foreign markets. This involves executing marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness, conducting market research to identify potential new markets, and developing an entry strategy for each market.

The third outcome focuses on boosting the brand's social media following by 30% across all platforms. Undertaking collaborations with industry influencers and peers, promoting social media profiles online and offline, and regularly creating and sharing engaging content, are the initiatives that will drive this outcome.

Overall, the strategy is a mix of influencer partnerships, market penetration, and social media growth to amplify the brand's global visibility.
  • ObjectiveBoost global visibility of our brand
  • Key ResultEstablish partnerships with 5 internationally recognized influencers
  • TaskIdentify influencers that align with our brand and products
  • TaskInitiate communication and negotiate terms of partnerships
  • TaskDraft personalized proposals for partnership collaborations
  • Key ResultGain presence in 3 untapped foreign markets
  • TaskExecute marketing campaigns to promote brand awareness
  • TaskIdentify potential foreign markets through market research
  • TaskDevelop a market entry strategy for each location
  • Key ResultIncrease social media followers by 30% across all platforms
  • TaskCollaborate with industry influencers and peers
  • TaskPromote social media profiles offline and online
  • TaskCreate and share engaging content regularly
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