OKRs to seek and secure a leadership role within the company

public-lib · Published 22 days ago

This OKR focuses squarely on personal growth and ambition through shouldering increased responsibilities and honing leadership skills within the company. By aiming high, establishing a clear path, and consistently measuring progress, we not only enable ourselves to blossom into better leaders - we also open doors for broader contributions to the company. The objective is to grab the reins of opportunity and make a significant positive impact.
  • ObjectiveSeek and secure a leadership role within the company
  • Key ResultObtain cross-functional training in at least two other departments
  • TaskIdentify two departments to receive cross-functional training in
  • TaskRequest cross-functional training approval from respective department heads
  • TaskBegin scheduled training sessions with selected departments
  • Key ResultImplement a feedback system for continuous learning and leadership growth
  • TaskIdentify key performance indicators for leadership qualities
  • TaskEducate leaders on interpreting and applying feedback
  • TaskDesign a system for regular performance feedback
  • Key ResultLead a high-impact project related to key business objectives
  • TaskIdentify key business objectives and project alignment
  • TaskDevelop, execute and monitor a high-impact project plan
  • TaskAssemble a high-performing, cross-functional team

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