OKR template to enhance effectiveness of ITSM help desk operations

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The OKR emphasizes the improvement of ITSM help desk operations. The key objectives to achieve this goal include increasing the ticket resolution rate by 30%, improving customer satisfaction score by 15%, and reducing the average response time to within two hours.

To increase the ticket resolution rate, there's a plan to hire more qualified customer service representatives. There's also an objective to make the ticket resolution process more efficient, and a plan to provide enhanced customer service skills training for the existing staff.

The improvement of customer satisfaction score is a critical objective in the OKR and to meet this, the company plans on providing comprehensive employee customer service training. There's also an aim to improve the quality of the product or service based on customer reviews. The company intends to solicit customer feedback regularly and make consequential improvements.

The OKR also aims to reduce response time. To achieve this, the company plans to allocate more resources to customer service interactions and train the staff on quick, effective response methods. Additionally, a more efficient ticketing system will be implemented.
  • ObjectiveEnhance effectiveness of ITSM help desk operations
  • Key ResultIncrease ticket resolution rate by 30%
  • TaskEmploy additional qualified customer service representatives
  • TaskStreamline ticket resolution process for efficiency
  • TaskImplement training sessions for enhanced customer service skills
  • Key ResultImprove customer satisfaction score by 15%
  • TaskImplement comprehensive employee customer service training
  • TaskEnhance product or service quality based on reviews
  • TaskRegularly solicit customer feedback and make improvements
  • Key ResultReduce average response time to within 2 hours
  • TaskAllocate more resources to customer service interactions
  • TaskTrain staff on speedy, effective response methods
  • TaskImplement a more efficient ticketing system
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