OKR template to enhance the quality of software releases through manual testing

public-lib · Published 8 months ago

This OKR focuses on enhancing software quality through manual testing. It seeks to increase the effectiveness of manual test cases by 25% by providing consistent training for testing techniques, implementing peer reviews for validation and developing exhaustive use-cases scenarios for better coverage.

It also targets to reduce critical bugs in live software by 15%. The initiatives undertaken to achieve this include implementing rigorous testing procedures before deployment, consistently updating and debugging the software code, and training developers on best practices for bug prevention.

The OKR also aims to elevate manual test coverage to at least 95% for each release. In order to achieve this high coverage, the areas of software currently without full manual testing will be identified. Comprehensive manual test plans will be developed for those areas and the team will be trained to execute these plans efficiently.

Overall, this OKR is dedicated to the rigorous enhancement of software quality. It aims to do this by fortifying manual testing techniques, reducing the number of critical bugs, and boosting the coverage of manual testing for each software release.
  • ObjectiveEnhance the quality of software releases through manual testing
  • Key ResultIncrease manual test case effectiveness by 25%
  • TaskProvide continuous training for manual testing techniques
  • TaskImplement peer reviews for manual test case validation
  • TaskDevelop exhaustive, realistic use-cases scenarios for better test coverage
  • Key ResultReduce critical bugs in live software by 15%
  • TaskImplement rigorous testing procedures before software deployment
  • TaskRegularly update and debug software code base
  • TaskTrain developers in best practices for bug prevention
  • Key ResultRaise manual test coverage for each release to at least 95%
  • TaskIdentify areas of software currently lacking full manual testing
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive manual test plans for those areas
  • TaskTrain team to execute new test plans efficiently
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