OKR template to decrease direct funded vacancies under 2% of labor force

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR aims to decrease direct funded vacancies to less than 2% of the labor force. The objectives propose measures to reduce vacancies, including the implementation of robust recruitment strategies, increasing internal promotion activities, and lowering the attrition rate.

The recruitment strategy involves identifying roles and skills needed, utilizing diverse sourcing methods, and leveraging algorithm-based programs. This initiative aims to fill 70% of open positions, contributing to the overall goal of vacancy reduction.

The plan to increase internal promotions by 30% includes analysis of current promotion trends, development of upskilling programs, and the implementation of a promotion performance scoring system. This strategy allows for the identification of potential improvements and aids in reducing vacancies.

Lastly, reducing the attrition rate to 4% involves implementing a mentorship program, creating career advancement opportunities, and enhancing benefits. This development seeks to increase retention, effectively contributing to the decrease in direct funded vacancies.
  • ObjectiveDecrease direct funded vacancies under 2% of labor force
  • Key ResultImplement a robust recruitment strategy that fills 70% of open positions
  • TaskIdentify key roles and skills needed for vacant positions
  • TaskEmploy diverse sourcing methods to attract potential candidates
  • TaskUtilize algorithm-based programs for efficient talent acquisition
  • Key ResultIncrease internal promotion processes by 30% to reduce vacancies
  • TaskAnalyze current promotion trends to identify potential improvements
  • TaskDevelop a skill-upgrading program for current employees
  • TaskImplement and monitor promotion performance scoring system
  • Key ResultLower employee attrition rate to 4% through enhancing retention programs
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive employee mentorship program
  • TaskCreate additional opportunities for career advancement
  • TaskEnhance benefits packages to increase employee satisfaction
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