OKR template to implement engagement visibility for corporate customers on Mina Sidor

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR targets the implementation of engagement visibility for corporate customers on Mina Sidor. The main objective is to bolster the user base by 20% by enhancing platform functionalities. Three key tasks will be employed; targeted marketing for corporate users, upgrading platform features, and introducing limited-time promotions for corporate sign-ups.

The second outcome is to reduce by 30% customer inquiries regarding engagement status following the feature's implementation. This objective will be achieved through three initiatives: implementing a self-help guide for the new feature, applying customer feedback for feature improvement, and conducting webinars demonstrating feature usage.

The last objective is to secure a 90% positive feedback on the newly implemented engagement visibility feature. This will be accomplished by gathering initial user feedback, continuously monitoring and adjusting the feature for improved user satisfaction, and improving the feature based on user feedback and comments.

The ultimate goal is to improve user engagement and satisfaction by making sure the corporate customers can easily use the platform to check their engagement status. Overall, this will increase the user count, reduce the load on the customer support, and gather positive feedback.
  • ObjectiveImplement engagement visibility for corporate customers on Mina Sidor
  • Key ResultIncrease the number of corporate users by 20% through improved platform functionality
  • TaskConduct targeted marketing for corporate users
  • TaskUpgrade platform features based on popular user feedback
  • TaskOffer limited-time promotions for corporate sign-ups
  • Key ResultReduce customer inquiries regarding engagement status by 30% after feature implementation
  • TaskImplement a self-help guide for new feature
  • TaskApply customer feedback for feature improvement
  • TaskConduct webinars demonstrating feature usage
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% positive feedback on newly implemented engagement visibility feature
  • TaskGather initial user feedback on engagement visibility feature
  • TaskContinuously monitor and adjust feature for user satisfaction
  • TaskImprove feature based on user feedback and comments
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