OKR template to successfully launch MVP of X new website to the public

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The OKR, or objective and key result, aims to successfully launch the MVP of a certain new website to the public. Accomplishing this goal requires the completion of a detailed project plan, design and development of the website within a span of four weeks. This important stage includes design development based on the approved plan, defining clear objectives, creating the detailed project plan and finalizing website development while performing testing procedures.

Post development, the OKR aims to test the website's functionality and fix any detected bugs for a period of two weeks. This entails conducting thorough testing on the website, identifying and documenting bugs as they are discovered, and implementing fixes and retests. This ensures that any glitches, flaws or issues in the website are promptly corrected before launch.

To ensure a user-friendly interface, a usability test will be conducted with 50 beta testers. These testers will be identified and recruited for their expertise in trials of this nature. The usability tests will analyze the effectiveness of the website's interface and any necessary changes will be implemented based on the feedback received.

The end result will be a website that is not only functional but also user-friendly. The sequence of these specific measures taken ensure that any hurdles to the smooth launch of the website are tackled in advance. This will lead to a successful public debut of the MVP of the new website.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully launch MVP of X new website to the public
  • Key ResultComplete detailed project plan, design and development for X website within 4 weeks
  • TaskDevelop the design based on approved project plan within first two weeks
  • TaskDefine clear objectives and create detailed project plan for X website
  • TaskFinalize website development and conduct testing within remaining two weeks
  • Key ResultTest the website's functionality and fix bugs for two weeks post-development
  • TaskConduct thorough functionality testing on the website
  • TaskIdentify and document any detected bugs
  • TaskImplement bug fixes and perform retests
  • Key ResultEnsure user friendly interface by conducting a usability test with 50 beta testers
  • TaskIdentify and recruit 50 beta testers for usability testing
  • TaskExecute usability tests on the interface
  • TaskAnalyze feedback and implement necessary changes
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