OKR template to attain full functionality of the prototype

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

This OKR is focused on fully realizing the functionally of a prototype. The aim is to reduce prototypical defects by 70% through rigorous quality control checks, training on defect prevention, and continuous enhancements based on feedback.

A second objective within the same OKR is to implement necessary modifications and updates to the prototype within a fortnightly period. It would involve prioritizing tasks, assigning them to relevant team members, and testing within 14 days.

The third part of the OKR is aimed at improving user satisfaction to over 85%. This would be achieved by constantly gathering feedback from users, hosting regular user-training workshops, and making user interface improvements based on feedback received.

In a nutshell, this OKR is all about rendering the prototype fully operational, making required updates swiftly, and maximizing user satisfaction by incorporating their feedback in real-time.
  • ObjectiveAttain full functionality of the prototype
  • Key ResultReduce identified prototype defects by 70%
  • TaskImplement rigorous quality control checks on the prototype
  • TaskTrain team on defect prevention and resolution techniques
  • TaskContinuously improve prototype based on feedback and test results
  • Key ResultImplement all necessary changes and updates for prototype within 14 days
  • TaskPrioritize necessary changes and updates for prototype
  • TaskAssign tasks to relevant team members
  • TaskComplete and test all updates within 14 days
  • Key ResultImprove user-testing score to above 85% satisfaction
  • TaskCollect feedback regularly from users
  • TaskConduct regular user-training workshops
  • TaskImprove user interface based on feedback
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