OKRs to define a clear design direction for the upcoming application

public-lib · Published 23 days ago

The visionary objectives we aim for in the upcoming period revolve around the idea of harnessing technology to elevate our user experience. Our main target is to establish a robust design direction for our new application which will not only cater to the functional needs of our users but also provide them with an intuitive and engaging interaction platform. This will involve understanding our audience, incorporating their feedback into our design process, and relentlessly iterating to reach a seamless user interface and superior user experience.
  • ObjectiveDefine a clear design direction for the upcoming application
  • Key ResultFinalize the chosen design and complete a detailed blueprint by week 12
  • TaskComplete and finalize blueprint by end of week 12
  • TaskReview and confirm preferred design by end of week 10
  • TaskBegin creating detailed blueprint of chosen design in week 11
  • Key ResultDevelop and present 3 unique application design concepts by week 8
  • TaskPrepare a presentation showcasing the designs
  • TaskResearch and brainstorm unique application design concepts
  • TaskDevelop three distinct design prototypes
  • Key ResultConduct 10 stakeholder interviews to understand application requirements by week 4

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