OKR template to define a clear design direction for the upcoming application

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The primary goal of this OKR is to establish a definite design direction for an upcoming application. To achieve this, a comprehensive design blueprint needs to be finalized by the 12th week, with the intended design being affirmed by the end of week 10, and the blueprint development beginning the following week.

One of the essential objectives is to formulate and present three original application design concepts by the 8th week. Steps to realize this include developing a presentation demonstrating the designs, exploring and brainstorming one-of-a-kind application design ideas, and then developing three distinct prototypes based on these ideas.

Another critical objective is to conduct a total of 10 stakeholder interviews to understand the application's requirements, with completion targeted by the 4th week. No specific initiatives have been defined to accomplish this task as it is straightforward, merely relying on engagement with the stakeholders.

These initiatives integrate to form a comprehensive approach to defining the app's design direction, utilizing stakeholder feedback, original concept development, and final blueprint creation. The defined deadlines for tasks underline the importance of timely execution in this process.
  • ObjectiveDefine a clear design direction for the upcoming application
  • Key ResultFinalize the chosen design and complete a detailed blueprint by week 12
  • TaskComplete and finalize blueprint by end of week 12
  • TaskReview and confirm preferred design by end of week 10
  • TaskBegin creating detailed blueprint of chosen design in week 11
  • Key ResultDevelop and present 3 unique application design concepts by week 8
  • TaskPrepare a presentation showcasing the designs
  • TaskResearch and brainstorm unique application design concepts
  • TaskDevelop three distinct design prototypes
  • Key ResultConduct 10 stakeholder interviews to understand application requirements by week 4
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