OKR template to optimize cloud transition expenses

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

This OKR titled "Optimize cloud transition expenses" aims at managing and reducing the costs associated with transitioning to a cloud-based infrastructure. The first objective is to set up a cost-monitoring dashboard to effectively track the expenses involved in the cloud transition. This is accompanied by several initiatives including training the team, choosing suitable dashboard software and identifying key metrics.

In addition to the initial set up costs, on-premises infrastructure costs need to be reduced by 20% as a second objective. This is achieved with measures such as streamlining operations by consolidation, negotiating better vendor pricing contracts, and implementing energy-saving measures. The goal here is an efficient spend on the existing setup while transitioning to cloud.

The third objective seeks to achieve a 30% cost saving from the cloud transition itself. Initiatives under this objective include several key strategies such as identifying and eliminating redundant applications prior to cloud migration, optimizing cloud storage usage, and utilizing automated scaling for cloud resources.

Overall, this OKR is a strategic approach to manage the expenses involved in cloud transition by tracking, reducing and optimizing costs at various stages. It not only addresses the direct costs but also indirect savings from streamlining the cloud transition process.
  • ObjectiveOptimize cloud transition expenses
  • Key ResultImplement a cost-monitoring dashboard to track cloud expenses
  • TaskTrain team on using the new dashboard
  • TaskChoose a suitable cost-monitoring dashboard software
  • TaskIdentify key metrics to monitor for cloud expenses
  • Key ResultReduce current on-premises infrastructure costs by 20%
  • TaskConsolidate redundant hardware and systems to streamline operations
  • TaskNegotiate better pricing contracts with vendors
  • TaskImplement energy-saving measures for physical infrastructure
  • Key ResultAchieve 30% cost savings from the cloud transition
  • TaskIdentify redundant applications prior to cloud migration
  • TaskOptimize cloud storage usage to reduce wastage
  • TaskUtilize automated scaling for cloud resources
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