OKR template to successful migration of services from OnPremise to cloud

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR aims to successfully migrate services from OnPremise to the cloud. The first objective involves identifying and categorizing all OnPremise services planned for migration by the end of Week 3. The initiatives include compiling a list of these services, categorizing each service based on migration priority, and creating a detailed migration schedule.

The second objective focuses on post-migration validation to ensure full functionality for all migrated services. The initiatives cover verification of functionality, resolution of any identified post-migration issues, and conducting system checks post-migration.

The final objective targets 70% service migration while ensuring uninterrupted client services. For this, the initiatives include identifying and prioritizing critical services for migration, developing and executing a detailed migration plan, and continuously monitoring and troubleshooting during migration.

In summary, this OKR visualizes a seamless and secure transition from OnPremise to cloud services, assuring full functionality post-migration and minimizing disruption to client services throughout the migration process.
  • ObjectiveSuccessful migration of services from OnPremise to cloud
  • Key ResultIdentify and categorize all OnPremise services for migration by end of Week 3
  • TaskCompile a list of all OnPremise services currently in use
  • TaskCategorize each service based on priority for migration
  • TaskCreate a detailed migration schedule by end of Week 3
  • Key ResultConduct post-migration validation to ensure 100% functionality for all migrated services
  • TaskVerify functionality of every migrated service
  • TaskResolve any identified post-migration issues
  • TaskConduct post-migration system checks
  • Key ResultAchieve 70% service migration while ensuring zero disruption in client services
  • TaskIdentify and prioritize critical services for migration
  • TaskDevelop and execute a detailed migration plan
  • TaskContinuously monitor and troubleshoot during migration
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