OKR template to successfully build a simple React app

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The main goal is to successfully construct a React application. This involves not only building the application, but also understanding and learning React. Therefore, the first step is to complete a comprehensive React video course. This will involve choosing a course, completing all assignments, and dedicating daily time for study.

The next step is to apply the knowledge gained from the course to the construction of a working React application. The expected initiatives here are coding the application in React, outlining its function and interface, and finally, testing, debugging and fine-tuning the app itself.

Furthermore, it's expected that at least three software bugs in the developed React app will be detected and handled appropriately. The steps involved in achieving this include debugging and fixing these software issues, testing the app's functionality post the changes, and lastly, identifying and documenting problematic areas.

In essence, the OKR involves in-depth dedication to learning React, creating a simple React app using the learned knowledge, and refining the app through continuous testing, debugging, and documenting.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully build a simple React app
  • Key ResultComplete a comprehensive React video course in its entirety
  • TaskChoose a comprehensive React video course
  • TaskActively follow and complete course assignments
  • TaskDedicate daily time for studying the course material
  • Key ResultApply learned knowledge to construct a working React application
  • TaskCode application in React using learned knowledge
  • TaskOutline desired functionality and user interface of the React application
  • TaskTest, debug and refine React application
  • Key ResultDetect and handle at least three software bugs in the developed React application
  • TaskDebug and fix identified software issues
  • TaskTest the application for functionality after the changes
  • TaskIdentify and document problematic areas in the React application
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