OKR template to successfully complete 80% of the content project

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The OKR aims to complete 80% of a content project successfully. The first objective focuses on enhancing the content quality. This will be achieved through getting at least two positive feedbacks per week from the editor. The strategic initiatives to achieve this include requesting feedback after changes, incorporating editor's suggestions in the content and regular submissions for the editor's review.

The second objective aims at decreasing the project revision rates by 15%. By focusing on careful drafting and editing, the potential for revisions is significantly reduced. Steps to achieve this include training staff in meticulous proofreading, increasing the frequency of project editing cycles, and implementing stringent drafting protocols.

The third objective is about increasing the daily writing output by 20%. To achieve this, the efficiency of writing must be enhanced through proper training and the use of tools. Further initiatives include limiting distractions during writing hours and dedicating more time exclusively to writing tasks.

In summary, the OKR is about improving content quality, increasing productivity, reducing revision rates, and ultimately, successfully completing 80% of a content project.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully complete 80% of the content project
  • Key ResultEnhance content quality by getting two positive feedback per week from the editor
  • TaskRequest feedback after implementing changes
  • TaskIncorporate editor's suggested changes in content
  • TaskSubmit articles regularly for the editor's review
  • Key ResultDecrease project revision rate by 15% through careful drafting and editing
  • TaskTrain staff on meticulous proofreading techniques
  • TaskIncrease frequency of project editing cycles
  • TaskImplement stringent project drafting protocols
  • Key ResultIncrease daily writing output by 20% to fast-track the project
  • TaskEnhance writing efficiency through training/tools
  • TaskLimit distractions during writing periods
  • TaskAllocate more daily hours exclusively to writing tasks
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