OKR template to streamline and expedite cost allocation computation process

public-lib · Published 21 days ago

This OKR aims to streamline and expedite the cost allocation computation process. A primary goal is to decrease this process by 30%, either by automation or general process enhancement. Key steps towards this include the development of automation scripts or software and identifying areas where automation could effect these reductions.

The OKR also sets the ambitious target of completing 100% of cost allocation computations by the third day. Achieving this requires a determined approach, starting computations right on the first day, dedicating enough resources, and diligently reviewing and finalising computations by the deadline.

In addition to expediting computations, there is a commitment to optimize the computation method itself within the first two weeks. This involves researching alternative, more efficient computation methods, identifying current inefficiencies in the process and testing chosen methods for effectiveness.

The outcomes of this OKR are quantitative, measured in percentages of task completion. All aspects of the process are carefully scrutinised, whether it's the automation and process enhancements or the time frame and resource deployment for computations.
  • ObjectiveStreamline and expedite cost allocation computation process
  • Key ResultDecrease computation process by 30% through automation or process enhancement
  • TaskDesign and implement automation scripts or software
  • TaskIdentify areas where automation can reduce computational processes
  • TaskEvaluate and tweak enhancements for optimal efficiency
  • Key ResultSuccessfully complete 100% of cost allocation computations by day 3
  • TaskReview and finalize computations by day 3
  • TaskStart cost allocation computations on day 1
  • TaskDedicate sufficient time and staff to computations
  • Key ResultDevelop a plan to optimize the computation method within the first 2 weeks
  • TaskIdentify current computation inefficiencies
  • TaskImplement and test the chosen method
  • TaskResearch alternative, optimized computation methods
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