OKR template to cultivate a resilient, long-lasting community culture

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

This OKR seeks to nurture a resilient and enduring community culture. The first target is to gain 90% positive feedback from community members through surveys, with initiatives such as promptly and constructively responding to feedback, fostering a positive community culture, and carrying out regular member surveys.

The next objective is to boost community interaction through events and workshops by 40%. To achieve this, the OKR suggests planning and hosting monthly community events, forming partnerships with local businesses for sponsorship, and advertising these events on social media and through distributed flyers.

For the final objective, two community bonding initiatives will be implemented successfully with more than 80% participation. The initiatives defined to reach this outcome consist of identifying popular community initiatives, ensuring their successful execution, and devising and carrying out a robust promotional campaign.

Overall, the OKR encapsulates a holistic approach to building and sustaining a community culture by gathering feedback, increasing interaction, and facilitating bonding initiatives.
  • ObjectiveCultivate a resilient, long-lasting community culture
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% positive feedback on the community culture from member surveys
  • TaskRespond to feedback constructively and promptly
  • TaskEstablish initiatives to promote positive community culture
  • TaskImplement regular surveys to gather member feedback
  • Key ResultIncrease community engagement through events and workshops by 40%
  • TaskPlan and organize monthly community events and workshops
  • TaskCollaborate with local businesses for sponsorship
  • TaskPromote events through social media and flyers
  • Key ResultImplement 2 community bonding initiatives successfully with higher than 80% participation
  • TaskIdentify two initiatives that would be popular in the community
  • TaskFacilitate and monitor the initiatives’ successful implementation
  • TaskDesign and execute a powerful promotional campaign
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