OKR template to successfully raise $2M at an upcoming fundraising event

public-lib · Published 7 months ago

The overall aim of this OKR is to successfully raise $2M at an upcoming fundraising event. To achieve this, multiple objectives have been outlined, which include obtaining corporate sponsorships, securing major donors, and attracting a large number of attendees.

Firstly, corporate sponsorships are a significant target. This objective strives to reach a total of $750K from sponsorships. Between identifying potential corporations to sponsor, creating personalized proposals, and arranging pitch meetings, various strategies have been outlined to hit the target.

The second goal involves securing donations from major contributors. The aim is to secure pledges totaling $500K from at least ten significant donors. This process includes identifying potential major donors and developing personalized proposals, followed by facilitating meetings to solidify their pledges.

Finally, there is a solid push towards increasing the event's attendance. With a ticket price of $500, the objective is to attract at least 1,000 attendees. Effort will be made to leverage partnerships for more significant visibility, developing targeted marketing strategies, and organizing high-value perks and incentives for attendees.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully raise $2M at an upcoming fundraising event
  • Key ResultObtain corporate sponsorships adding to $750K
  • TaskIdentify potential corporations interested in sponsoring your organization
  • TaskCraft a dynamic, tailored sponsorship proposal for each corporation
  • TaskArrange meetings to pitch sponsorship opportunities and benefits
  • Key ResultSecure pledges from 10 major donors contributing $500K collectively
  • TaskIdentify and list potential major donors
  • TaskFacilitate meetings to discuss pledges
  • TaskDevelop personalized proposals for each donor
  • Key ResultAttract 1,000 event attendees at $500 donation per ticket
  • TaskLeverage partnerships for greater visibility and reach
  • TaskDevelop targeted marketing strategies to reach potential donors
  • TaskOrganize high-value perks and incentives for attendees
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