OKR template to improve efficiency and profitability of lab supply store

public-lib · Published 23 days ago

This OKR seeks to improve the efficiency and profitability of a lab supply store. Key objectives are to increase sales revenue via targeted marketing campaigns, reduce inventory carrying costs, and enhance the customer satisfaction rate.

Sales revenue is to be increased by 10% through targeted marketing campaigns. Though specific campaigns are not detailed, the OKR provides a clear target for the sales team.

Inventory carrying costs are expected to be reduced by 15%. This is to be achieved through improved demand forecasting, which includes continually monitoring forecasting parameters, implementing a new software, and training staff on new forecasting techniques.

Lastly, it seeks to improve customer satisfaction to a rate of 90% by enhancing after-sales support. This involves setting up a 24/7 customer help desk, initiating a feedback system to evaluate customer experiences, and training customer support staff to provide proactive, solution-focused service.
  • ObjectiveImprove efficiency and profitability of lab supply store
  • Key ResultIncrease sales revenue by 10% via targeted marketing campaigns
  • Key ResultReduce inventory carrying costs by 15% through improved demand forecasting
  • TaskRegularly monitor and adjust forecasting parameters
  • TaskImplement a more accurate demand forecasting software
  • TaskTrain staff on new demand forecasting methods
  • Key ResultImprove customer satisfaction rate to 90% through enhanced after-sales support
  • TaskImplement a 24/7 customer help desk for addressing after-sales queries
  • TaskLaunch feedback system to evaluate customer's after-sales experience
  • TaskTrain customer support staff in proactive solution-focused service
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