OKR template to increase customer migration from on-premises product to cloud product

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The key objective of this OKR (Objective and Key Results) is to strengthen customer migration from an on-premise product to a cloud product. To achieve this, the company aims to reduce support requests for the on-premise product by 15%, which would indicate a successful migration. This will be accomplished through staff training, detailed user guides, and proactive issue management.

Another elemental target pertains to securing positive customer feedback regarding the transition process. The objective here is ensuring customers find the transition beneficial and seamless. The company plans to achieve this by offering incentives for detailed feedback, training staff to facilitate smooth transitions, and conducting post-transition surveys.

Furthermore, the OKR also focuses on increasing subscriptions for the cloud product by 20%. By encouraging more cloud subscriptions, the company aims to gradually phase out the on-premise product. Strategies outlined for this include special discounts for cloud subscriptions, customer awareness campaigns through webinars and an aggressive marketing plan for cloud products.

Overall, this OKR aims to migrate users to more efficient, cloud-based solutions, while simultaneously aiming to improve customer satisfaction, reduce support load, and increase cloud product subscriptions. Thus, accomplishing this plan will result in operational efficiency and increased consumer preference for the company's cloud offerings.
  • ObjectiveIncrease customer migration from on-premises product to cloud product
  • Key ResultReduce on-premises product support requests by 15% due to migration success
  • TaskProvide comprehensive training on new system usage to all staff
  • TaskCreate detailed user guides and FAQs about the migrated product
  • TaskTrack and address recurring issues proactively
  • Key ResultSecure positive customer feedback on the benefits and ease of transitioning
  • TaskOffer incentives for leaving positive, detailed feedback
  • TaskImplement staff training to ensure smooth customer transitions
  • TaskConduct a post-transition survey to gather customer opinions
  • Key ResultAchieve 20% increase in cloud product subscriptions compared to on-premises
  • TaskOffer special discounts for cloud over on-premises subscriptions
  • TaskIncrease customer awareness of cloud advantages through online webinars
  • TaskImplement an aggressive marketing campaign for cloud products
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