OKR template to improve ticket resolution process in DACH region

public-lib · Published 27 days ago

The given OKR elaborates on improving the ticket resolution process, specifically in the DACH region. The primary objective is to implement an effective approach in resolving 95% of DACH tickets. To achieve this, the initiatives include developing precise guidelines for handling DACH tickets, monitoring resolution success rates, and training the staff on new procedures.

The second objective intends to lessen the average ticket resolution time by 25%. To meet this, advanced problem-solving techniques would be taught to the team, an efficient ticket sorting system would be implemented, and automation would be introduced wherever viable. Implementation of these practices ensures a faster and more efficient ticket resolution process.

The final objective aims for a 30% increase in customer satisfaction with the resolution process. A comprehensive training program will be implemented for customer service representatives, a streamlined multi-channel complaint resolution system will be introduced, and frequent surveys will be conducted to identify areas of dissatisfaction in the current resolution process.

All these key objectives cater to an overarching vision - improving DACH's ticket resolution process. Through better processes, quicker resolutions, and increased customer satisfaction, the overall ticket resolution process is expected to improve significantly in the DACH region.
  • ObjectiveImprove ticket resolution process in DACH region
  • Key ResultImplement effective process in 95% of DACH tickets
  • TaskDevelop clear, concise guidelines for handling DACH tickets
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate ticket resolution success rates
  • TaskTrain staff on new ticket handling procedures
  • Key ResultDecrease average ticket resolution time by 25%
  • TaskImplement more efficient ticket sorting and prioritization systems
  • TaskTrain team in advanced problem-solving techniques
  • TaskIntroduce automation wherever possible
  • Key ResultIncrease customer satisfaction with resolution process by 30%
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive training program for customer service representatives
  • TaskDevelop and introduce a streamlined, multi-channel complaint resolution system
  • TaskConduct surveys to identify areas of dissatisfaction in the resolution process
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