OKR template to foster customer-centric culture through UX insights

public-lib · Published 8 months ago

The overarching aim of this OKR is to instill a culture focused on customer satisfaction using data from User Experience (UX) insights. As the first objective, they plan to conduct three practical training sessions on UX for all team members and they aim to achieve an attendance rate of 85%.

To succeed in this objective, the team will dispatch reminders and training materials ahead of the sessions, follow up to ensure that the attendance target was met, and organise their sessions according to the availability of all team members.

The second objective is to cultivate consistent discussions about UX insights. The goal is to start weekly forums and aim for a participation rate of 75% of the entire team. To promote these forums, there will be explicit promotion and scheduling of them. Furthermore, they'll encourage engagement and strive for a three-fourths team participation goal.

Lastly, they aim to boost customer contentment by 15% with the help of team-contributed UX improvements. Monitoring customer reactions will validate the effectiveness, and regular brainstorm sessions will provoke UX enhancement ideas. Implementation of these innovations resulting from team suggestions is the final step.
  • ObjectiveFoster customer-centric culture through UX insights
  • Key ResultConduct 3 UX training sessions for all team members achieving 85% attendance
  • TaskSend reminders and materials related to training sessions in advance
  • TaskFollow-up to ensure 85% attendance was achieved in all sessions
  • TaskSchedule 3 UX training sessions to suit all team members' availability
  • Key ResultImplement weekly UX insights discussion forums, promoting 75% total team participation
  • TaskSet a goal of 75% total team participation
  • TaskPromote forums to encourage team engagement
  • TaskSchedule weekly UX insights discussion forums
  • Key ResultEnhance customer satisfaction by 15% through UX improvements informed by team input
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate customer feedback to measure efficacy
  • TaskInitiate regular team brainstorming sessions on UX improvements
  • TaskImplement team's suggested UX enhancements
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