OKR template to enhance satisfaction levels of IT Service Desk

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The OKR is focused on enhancing the satisfaction levels of the IT Service Desk, using key outcomes as measures of success. These outcomes include achieving a first-contact resolution rate of 80% and increasing Customer Satisfaction scores by 20%. A range of initiatives are proposed to reach these objectives, such as developing an efficient customer complaint system, reviewing and improving resolution strategies and thorough training of customer service reps to improve the first contact resolution rate.

Meanwhile, customer satisfaction scores are targeted to be increased by implementing a rewards program for exceptional customer service, and boosting customer service training efficiency. Furthermore, customer feedback mechanisms will be prioritized to identify and act on areas of improvement thus contributing to higher CSAT scores.

Another objective is to reduce ticket resolution time by 15%. This will be achieved through assigning dedicated teams to frequent issues, creating a knowledge base for common queries and implementing a new system for ticket prioritization amongst staff. These initiatives target both efficiency and quality of service.

Overall, the focus of this OKR is on improving the customer experience of the IT Service Desk by improving first contact resolution rates, increasing customer satisfaction scores and decreasing ticket resolution time. To accomplish this, measures such as a customer feedback mechanism, in-depth training programs, reward systems and better ticket handling processes will be implemented.
  • ObjectiveEnhance satisfaction levels of IT Service Desk
  • Key ResultAchieve a first-contact resolution rate of 80%
  • TaskDevelop an efficient customer complaint system
  • TaskRegularly review and improve resolution strategies
  • TaskImplement thorough training for customer service reps
  • Key ResultIncrease CSAT scores by 20%
  • TaskIntroduce rewards program for exceptional customer service
  • TaskImprove customer service training programs for better service delivery
  • TaskImplement customer feedback system to identify improvement areas
  • Key ResultReduce ticket resolution time by 15%
  • TaskAssign dedicated teams to address frequent issues
  • TaskEstablish a knowledge base for common queries
  • TaskImplement and train staff on a new ticket prioritization system
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