OKRs to enhance client success and retention in North America

public-lib · Published 4 months ago

As we continue to strive for excellence in delivering top-tier services to our clients in the North American market, our unswerving commitment brings us to our new objective: to improve client success and retention across both Canada and the USA. This entails strengthening our relationships with existing clients, implementing strategies for broader client engagement and ensuring superior service delivery to boost client loyalty and success, fostering a growth-oriented, client-centric culture.
  • ObjectiveEnhance client success and retention in North America
  • Key ResultReduce client churn by 15% by improving customer service response time
  • TaskImplement quicker communication channels
  • TaskTrain customer service representatives to respond more efficiently
  • TaskRegularly review and improve resolution times
  • Key ResultIncrease client retention rate by 20% in Canada and USA
  • TaskEnhance customer service training for employees
  • TaskImplement robust customer loyalty programs in Canada and USA
  • TaskRegularly collect and analyze customer feedback
  • Key ResultImplement and track 2 client success initiatives resulting in higher customer satisfaction
  • TaskImplement those two initiatives for client enhancement
  • TaskIdentify two key initiatives that will improve client success
  • TaskRegularly monitor and record the initiatives' impact on customer satisfaction

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