OKR template to cultivate a resilient and enduring organizational culture

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This OKR aims to strengthen the organization's culture, making it more adaptable and durable. The primary goal is to train 75% of the employees in new cultural practices. This involves tracking their progress, scheduling training sessions, and specifying the cultural qualities to be learned.

The second goal is to achieve a 90% positive response in a culture satisfaction survey. This involves fostering an environment that values feedback and improvements, instilling transparent communication channels across the organization, and arranging team building activities to promote unity.

The third objective is to incorporate two enduring cultural practices by the end of the quarter. The process includes researching various timeless cultural practices from around the globe, choosing two practices that resonate with our organization, and organizing virtual presentations to introduce each practice.

Thus, this OKR focuses on building a sturdy, sustainable organizational culture through employee training, feedback mechanisms, open communication, team building activities, and the introduction of ageless cultural practices.
  • ObjectiveCultivate a resilient and enduring organizational culture
  • Key ResultTrain 75% of employees in new cultural practices
  • TaskMonitor and record employees' training progress
  • TaskSchedule training sessions for all employees
  • TaskIdentify the specific cultural practices for training
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% positive responses in culture satisfaction survey
  • TaskPromote a work environment that values feedback and improvements
  • TaskEstablish open and transparent communication channels organization-wide
  • TaskImplement regular team building activities to foster cohesion
  • Key ResultIntroduce two timeless cultural practices by quarter end
  • TaskResearch various timeless cultural practices globally
  • TaskChoose two practices appealing to our audience
  • TaskPlan and host virtual presentations introducing each practice
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