OKR template to achieve an 80% first contact resolution (FCR) across all inboxes

public-lib · Published 11 months ago

This OKR focuses on attaining a high First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate. That means resolving 80% of customer issues or inquiries at the first point of interaction, eliminating the need for repeat contact over the same concern. It aims to ensure efficiency and high customer service levels.

The goal is applicable to all inboxes, be it email, social media, and other forms of electronic communication. Therefore, the 80% target isn't only for a single platform but across all channels. This approach ensures standard procedures and consistent service levels in all customer contact points.

Achieving this objective requires clear communication, proper training, and effective use of resources. It may entail the evaluation of current procedures and making necessary improvements, such as implementing an effective ticketing system or better information sharing among team members.

Ultimately, this OKR impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. By resolving customers' concerns at first contact, it reduces frustration and makes them feel valued. This approach can lead to higher satisfaction ratings and a more positive brand perception, contributing to long-term business growth.
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