OKR template to enhance product and component Quality, Security, & Performance

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR titled "Enhance product and component Quality, Security, & Performance" aims at making key improvements in these three aspects. It includes strategies like reducing load time by 15% for product performance enhancement - achievable through optimizing graphics, implementing efficient algorithms, and upgrading server resources.

The products' quality is also targeted to be improved by increasing the test coverage by 20%. The initiatives here involve developing robust test cases, identifying areas with low or no test coverage, and implementing and analyzing these tests.

Security is another key area, and it is planned to be improved by setting up a two-step verification process. This process is expected to enhance security by 30%.

The initiatives here include selecting and purchasing a suitable verification system, researching secure two-step verification options, and training the staff on the new processes.
  • ObjectiveEnhance product and component Quality, Security, & Performance
  • Key ResultImprove product performance by reducing load time by 15%
  • TaskOptimize graphics and frontend components to speed up rendering
  • TaskImplement efficient algorithms to make the software more effective
  • TaskUpgrade server resources to enhance load capacity and speed
  • Key ResultIncrease test coverage of products by 20% to retain quality
  • TaskDevelop robust test cases for these identified areas
  • TaskIdentify areas of product with low or no test coverage
  • TaskImplement these tests and analyze test coverage results
  • Key ResultImplement a two-step verification process to enhance security by 30%
  • TaskSelect and purchase a suitable verification system
  • TaskResearch secure two-step verification options
  • TaskTrain staff on new verification processes
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