OKR template to master JavaScript fundamentals and apply them in real-life coding projects

public-lib · Published about 1 year ago

This OKR is determined to accomplish mastery of JavaScript fundamentals by applying these skills in real coding projects. The first objective is to participate in a coding challenge or competition concentrating on JavaScript. To ensure comprehension, the end game includes taking on an online JavaScript course and striving to score 90% or higher.

The second step in this process allocates time to regular practice of writing JavaScript code and completing exercises included in the course. This involves enrolling in an online JavaScript course and getting familiar with the curriculum. Designating study hours each day to methodically work through course content is a critical initiative in this objective.

The THIRD objective involves developing and deploying a functional JavaScript application independently. This process includes identifying user requirements, defining the application's scope, and testing the application for functionality. The JavaScript application should then be deployed on the preferred platform after the final testing.

The final goal is to contribute to open-source JavaScript projects by submitting at least two pull requests. This involves forking the project repository, making changes for the pull requests, and submitting them with clear documentation. The desired project should be an open-source on platforms such as GitHub or GitLab.
  • ObjectiveMaster JavaScript fundamentals and apply them in real-life coding projects
  • Key ResultParticipate in at least one coding challenge or competition focused on JavaScript
  • Key ResultComplete online JavaScript course with a score of 90% or higher
  • TaskRegularly practice writing JavaScript code and complete coding exercises provided in the course
  • TaskEnroll in the online JavaScript course and familiarize yourself with the curriculum
  • TaskSet aside dedicated study time each day to consistently work through the course materials
  • TaskTake the practice quizzes and review any areas of weakness to ensure understanding
  • Key ResultDevelop and deploy a functional JavaScript application independently
  • TaskIdentify user requirements and define the scope of the JavaScript application
  • TaskDeploy the JavaScript application on the desired platform and perform final testing
  • TaskWrite and test the JavaScript code to ensure the application's functionality
  • TaskDesign and prototype the application's user interface and functionality
  • Key ResultContribute to an open-source JavaScript project by submitting at least two pull requests
  • TaskFork the project repository and branch off to make changes for the pull requests
  • TaskSubmit the pull requests with clear documentation and thorough explanation of the changes
  • TaskFind an open-source JavaScript project on platforms like GitHub or GitLab
  • TaskIdentify two areas for improvement or new features in the chosen project
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