OKR template to implement a cost-effective solution for portfolio tracking

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The OKR envisions the implementation of a cost-effective solution for portfolio tracking. By week 12, the chosen solution is expected to be integrated into the current system with 100% functionality. For this purpose, an integration plan will be developed and a timeline formulated, and the solution will be tested and debugged. Suitability and functionality of the chosen solution with the existing system will also be evaluated.

The second objective focuses on trialling multiple options and selecting the most efficient solution by week 10. This involves evaluating each solution's efficiency on a weekly basis during the trial period. The goal is to implement the most productive and compatible solution for portfolio tracking by week 10.

Thirdly, by week 6, the objective is to research and identify at least 3 cost-effective portfolio tracking solutions. The process includes researching affordable portfolio tracking services, compiling and analyzing the top 3 options. An outline of key features that are necessary and useful in portfolio tracking will also be prepared.

The overall OKR is meant to restructure and innovate the way portfolio tracking is done. The new system should be cost-effective, functional and efficient thus enhancing productivity and effectiveness in portfolio management.
  • ObjectiveImplement a cost-effective solution for portfolio tracking
  • Key ResultSuccessfully integrate chosen solution into current system with 100% functionality by week 12
  • TaskDevelop an integration plan and timeline to implement the solution
  • TaskTest and debug solution for 100% functionality by week 12
  • TaskEvaluate suitability and functionality of chosen solution with the current system
  • Key ResultTrial selected solutions and choose most efficient by week 10
  • TaskEvaluate each solution's efficiency weekly
  • TaskImplement chosen solutions for a trial period
  • TaskChoose the most productive solution by week 10
  • Key ResultResearch and identify 3 cost-effective portfolio tracking solutions by week 6
  • TaskResearch affordable portfolio tracking services
  • TaskCompile and analyze top 3 options
  • TaskOutline key features needed in portfolio tracking solutions
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