OKR template to achieve ISO 27001 certification with an action plan

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This OKR's main goal is to earn an ISO 27001 certification, a reputable standard for managing information security. To achieve this, necessary policies and procedures must be developed and implemented to match ISO 27001 benchmarks. Employees will be trained on these new guidelines, with regular updates and reviews to ensure continuous compliance.

Secondly, a comprehensive gap analysis will be performed. This process will identify any shortfalls in the current policies and procedures, in comparison to the requirements set by ISO 27001 standards. Once identified, changes will be made to address these gaps.

Thirdly, a process will be put in place to pass an external ISO 27001 certification audit. This will involve updating and documenting all necessary processes and procedures to match ISO 27001 standards. In addition, a detailed review of the ISO 27001 standard requirements will be undertaken, followed by the implementation of a risk management framework that aligns with the standard.

Finally, a crucial part of achieving this OKR is training all employees on information security awareness and best practices. Everyone in the organization must be aware and understand the guidelines set in ISO 27001, their role in maintaining compliance, and the importance of information security.
  • ObjectiveAchieve ISO 27001 certification with an action plan
  • Key ResultDevelop and implement necessary policies and procedures to align with ISO 27001 standards
  • TaskDevelop new policies and procedures to meet ISO 27001 standards
  • TaskCommunicate and train employees on the new policies and procedures
  • TaskConduct a gap analysis to identify policy and procedure gaps
  • TaskRegularly review and update policies and procedures to ensure compliance with ISO 27001
  • Key ResultConduct a comprehensive gap analysis to identify all compliance requirements
  • Key ResultSuccessfully pass the external ISO 27001 certification audit conducted by a certified auditor
  • TaskUpdate and document all necessary processes and procedures in accordance with ISO 27001
  • TaskConduct a comprehensive review of the ISO 27001 standard requirements and guidelines
  • TaskImplement a risk management framework aligned with the ISO 27001 requirements
  • TaskTrain employees on ISO 27001 procedures and their roles in maintaining compliance
  • Key ResultTrain all employees on information security awareness and best practices
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