OKR template to enhance MFA capabilities and user access review process

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The primary aim of this OKR is to improve Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities and to review user access process. The first objective is conducting access reviews for all active accounts with initiatives such as resolving inappropriate access findings, identifying all active accounts and reviewing access privileges.

The second objective targets the implementation of a sophisticated MFA system aimed at achieving a 95% successful user authentication rate. Monitoring and improvment of authentication success rate, finding a reliable advanced MFA system to install, and planning and executing staff training are initiatives undertaken to reach this objective.

The third goal under this OKR centers around specific employee engagements. All employees will be trained on new MFA capabilities and access review processes with a target compliance increase of 90%. Initiatives here include comprehensive staff training, monitoring and tracking compliance rates, plus execution of the training.

Overall, the enhancement of MFA capabilities and improvement of user access review process are achieved by thorough reviews, implementation of a robust MFA system, and focused staff training.
  • ObjectiveEnhance MFA capabilities and user access review process
  • Key ResultConduct user access reviews for 100% of active accounts
  • TaskResolve any inappropriate access findings
  • TaskIdentify all active accounts in the system
  • TaskReview access privileges for each account
  • Key ResultImplement an advanced MFA system with at least 95% successful user authentication rate
  • TaskMonitor and improve authentication success rate post-implementation
  • TaskIdentify a reliable advanced MFA system to install
  • TaskPlan and execute staff training on the MFA system
  • Key ResultTrain all employees on new MFA capabilities and access review processes to boost compliance by 90%
  • TaskPlan a comprehensive training on new MFA capabilities for all employees
  • TaskMonitor and track compliance rates, aiming to achieve a 90% increase
  • TaskConduct the training, focusing on access review processes
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